IA is a fast growing global provider of complete security solutions by using Leading edge technologies, Trained specialist, system integration and Re-engineering solution changing the future for a Better tomorrow. Our Ideal supports this Vision by offering a Wide range of well designed functional products using contemporary technologies with superior quality standards and nil defects.

We design, install and maintain customized security systems that integrate physical security devices, electronic technology, and information (IT) systems with operational systems such as building automation and human resources.

This convergent approach streamlines management and increases capabilities. As an independent systems integrator, we remain vendor-neutral and clearly focused on providing the right solution for each client, whether they need a complete turnkey solution, technical services or consulting services.


To protect people, places and profits brilliantly, becoming the industry leader and natural first choice electronic security integrator.


The company policy is to provide the highest quality services at all times in accordance with the company norms. The company is keen to see written standards for the security products in order to provide a common level of workmanship and materials suitable for purpose specified by the customer.


All IA Technologies staff are issued with personal protective equipment. The company owns its own access platforms and all of the relevant tools and test equipments required to fulfil its obligations in respect of installation, service and maintenance of CCTV, access control, and integrated systems in both professional and safe manner.All test equipment is calibrated to national standards


The company has an extensive knowledge of wide range of CCTV and related security products and has experience of working with equipment sourced from well known manufacturers in the industry.


The company has the following experience: Working on public highways in compliance with the new road &street works act. Free space transmission using microwave ,infra-red and radio technologies. Fibre-optic transmission , including private ,BT AND TELEWEST NETWORKS. CCTV AND VOICE OVER IP. LAN/WAN DIGITAL NETWORKS . PRINCIPAL CONTRACTOR ROLE FOR THE CONSTRUCTION (Design & Management)